Leadership For Women

For women seeking senior leadership roles

This program is for women seeking leadership roles.

This program addresses self-awareness and career planning as well as the three main areas identified as important for women transitioning into leadership: leadership identity, negotiation and networking.

In part, this program reflects the paper by Ely, Ibarra and Kolb “Taking Gender into Account: Theory and Design for Women’s Leadership Development Programs.

At the end of the program, you will have:

A career plan


Including how values, strengths, skills influence workplace behaviour


Practice at preparing for and conducting negotiation


Developed a networking plan

Ongoing support

As plans and skills are trialled in the workplace.


"Cynthia has helped me to build up my law firm. Together we have worked on all aspects of the business from small management details to strategic direction, firm structure and personnel needs. Cynthia helps me clarify my short term and long-term priorities so that from month to month I have a clear vision of my actions, rather than just muddling along or worrying that I’m missing some important action.

She is a supportive mentor, makes me accountable for my actions and generally provides a structure within which I work to achieve my goals. On a personal level having someone to talk with who has faced many of issues I am facing is very relieving and adds significantly to my quality of life. Having Cynthia as a coach and mentor has given me confidence in my future, and peace of mind in the present."

Robyn Burgess
Burgess Accident & Compensation Lawyers