Online Programs

Clarify aims, ambitions and next steps

I have designed these programs based on the best research available, with a particular emphasis on the needs of women in the legal workplace, together with my extensive experience in many leadership roles in law.

Stepping into Leadership

A Practical Guide for Women Lawyers

If you are a woman lawyer who holds a leadership position or who aspires to be a leader in your firm, organisation, or profession, I have designed this program for you.

I understand that women in the profession still face particular challenges, and that there remains a difference in how women are recognised, paid and promoted.

This workshop will arm you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude you need to take your rightful place in the legal profession. The content has been developed to provide participants with concrete strategies that can easily be put into practice.

I want you to step into your leadership role undaunted, and with a sense of adventure.

The program will:

  • Give you the confidence to create the career you want.
  • Provide you with guidance in developing your own unique sense of self.
  • Analyse the most important behaviours of successful leaders.
  • Help you build a pathway for developing a leadership identity.
  • Assist you to develop a networking plan.
  • Provide you with proven strategies to overcome the effect of gender bias.
  • Suggest strategies for winning promotion and recognition.

The entire program is online and includes:

  • Two morning sessions
  • A workbook detailing all the exercises to be undertaken during the course of the program
  • A coaching session

Thinking of Opening Your Own Firm! What You Need to Know 

This program is a practical step by step guide to the major elements that need to be addressed to set up and develop a successful legal practice.