How do you know when you need a career plan.

I asked some of my clients this question. Their responses boiled down to the following.
You need a career plan when:
You are uncomfortable or have no ideas when discussing your professional development goals
You feel sick when you get asked the question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (It might be out of favour now but it can get asked)
You see others making progress in their careers and you don’t know how that is happening for them
You have given little thought to a career as opposed to a job.

I would also add

You are miserable in your current role?
You have a vague idea that you want a next career step but don’t know what that will be?
You go round and round in your head with career alternatives?
You feel stuck?
You feel that you are missing out on the career you should be having?
You feel that you are underpaid for your efforts?

We all know people who never plan but seem to have a series of dream jobs offered to them. However for most of us a thoughtful, directed action plan is the best way to achieve our career goals.