Leadership for Women

This program is for women seeking leadership roles.

In part, this program reflects the paper by Ely, Ibarra and Kolb “Taking Gender into Account: Theory and Design for Women’s Leadership Development Programs.” Apart from self-awareness and a career plan it includes work in the three areas identified as important for women transitioning into leadership; leadership identity, negotiation and networking. The program deals with the particular challenges facing women in these areas.

At the end of the program you will have:

  • A career plan
  • Self-awareness: including how values, strengths, skills influence workplace behaviour
  • Leadership Identity: ways to develop a  successful leadership identity and belief
  • Negotiating: practice at preparing for and conducting negotiation
  • Networking: developed a networking plan
  • Ongoing support: as plans and skills are trialled in the workplace.

Total Time: 9 Hours

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