Many people are uncertain about the coaching process.  This is a short description of the purpose and process of coaching to assure you that an overwhelming number of people find the process enjoyable and very helpful.

The purpose of executive coaching is to bring clarity to issues and to develop a plan of action, which focuses on the needs of the individual. This is done by a dialogue between the coach and the client, which will often include some exercises to identify values or gain fresh perspective.  The coach will hold the client accountable for the implementation of the plan.

You will meet, either online or in person for regular sessions.  One of the basic tenets of coaching is the relationship and the information offered during coaching is confidential.

Coaching won’t try to change your personality.  Its aim is to maximise the effects of your strengths, and offer some behaviour options, which are authentic in terms of your own personality.

Coaching in all spheres suits the committed, those who are keen and willing to learn and are interested in success.  For these people coaching is very supportive and transformative.