2 Attitudes which will help you get the most out of coaching.

For many people coaching is offered by their employer as part of the professional development program. So unlike individuals who seek out coaching for themselves they don’t go through the process of identifying an issue which they want addressed, selecting a coach and demonstrating their commitment by taking action and paying for the coaching. Employees can arrive at coaching not really prepared to get the best out of it.

If you are one of the people who are to be involved in a coaching program organised by your employer you will benefit if you adopt a couple of attitudes.

Coaching suits the committed. It is ideal if you are committed to the organisation and its purpose for the coaching. However it is essential that you be committed to your own development and see the coaching as an opportunity for personal growth.

Coaching is a process and while you will probably have identified outcome or goals be open to the process. You will know a lot more about yourself at the end of the process, and this will be very helpful in your career.